Timefables- Peter Miller-Robinson 2016 (Producer, Engineer, Arranger)

Australian Made 2012- Queensland Conservatorium Saxophone Orchestra 2012 (Producer, Engineer)

Queensland Conservatorium Saxophone Orchestra 2011   (Producer, Engineer)

Sounds of the Conservatorium (Compilation CD, Track 10) ” Nyman- Shaping the curve- for Soprano Sax and String Quartet” (Producer, Engineer)


“Not Gonna Stop”- David Bruggemann feat. Tina Bollendorff (Artist, Producer, Engineer)

“Fly” – Tina Bollendorff & David Bruggemann (Artist, Producer, Engineer)

“Arms of the Deep” – Sarah Holeszko (Producer, Engineer)

“Some Days” – Roy Pluto (Producer, Engineer, Arranger)

“Ain’t Got Nothing but Love for You” – Roy Pluto (Producer, Engineer, Arranger)

“With Or Without Your Love” – Roy Pluto (Producer, Engineer, Arranger)

Film/Television/Games: (Composer)


  • Who Gets To Stay In Australia: Season 1 (Television)
  • My Kitchen Rules: Rivals (Television)
  • Last One Laughing Australia: Season 1 (Amazon Prime)
  • LEGO Masters Australia: Season 2 (Television)
  • LEGO Masters America: Season 1 (Television)
  • Holey Moley: Season 2 (Television)
  • LEGO Monkie Kid: Season 1
  • Marry Me Marry My Family: Season 2 (Television)
  • Bear: Koala Hero (Television)
  • Junior Masterchef Australia: Season 3 (Television)
  • Team Rubicon (Rebrand)
  • Plate Of Origin: Season 1 (Televison)
  • Crikey It’s The Irwins: Season 3 (Television)
  • Sugar Wars (Short Film)


  • Holey Moley: Season 1 (Television)
  • Aussie Inventions That Changed The World (Television)
  • Australian Ninja Warrior: Season 3 (Television)
  • Changing Rooms (Television)
  • LEGO Masters Season 1 (Television)
  • Hardball Season 1 (Television) (Won International Emmy Kids Award for Best Live Action Series)
  • TN5Y (Television)
  • The Worlds Best Film (Feature)
  • HRI: Preventing Limb Amputations (Corporate)
  • HRI: General (Corporate)
  • Techly: Martial Artist Attempts Street Fighter Moves In Real Life (Online)


  • When You Play Too Much Rocket League (Corporate)
  • Martial Artist Attempts Street Fighter Moves In Real Life (Corporate)
  • HRI: Nanoparticles Revolutionise Heart Research (Corporate)
  • Australian Ninja Warrior: Season 2 (Television)
  • Family Food Fight Season 2 (Television)
  • The Cover (Drama Short)
  • SleepFix App (Mobile App)
  • Marry Me Marry My Family (Television)
  • Slider (Comedy Short)
  • Bazaar Taxi (Short Doco)
  • ELSA (Children’s Educational Apps)


  • Family Food Fight Season 1 (Television)
  • Look Me In The Eye (Television)
  • According To Chrisley (Television
  • The F Word (Television)
  • J. Kirby Foundation 50th Anniversary film (Corporate)
  • AGSM Career Development Centre (Corporate)
  • Buy Somewhere (Ios/Android Game)
  • UNSW AGSM 40th Anniversary film (Corporate)
  • UNSW AGSM The First MBA in Australia (Corporate)
  • UNSW AGSM A School of Prima Donnas (Corporate)
  • UNSW AGSM Through The Years (Corporate)
  • UNSW AGSM Wombats (Corporate)
  • UNSW AGSM Revues (Corporate)
  • UNSW AGSM Stories Never Told (Corporate)
  • UNSW AGSM Directors and Deans (Corporate)
  • UNSW AGSM Cellar (Corporate)


  • Qantas VR: Hot Air Balloon (Corporate)
  • Ready For Takeoff: Season 2 (Television)
  • AFTRS VR Noir (VR Film)
  • MBA Cup 2016- AGSM vs MBS (Corporate)
  • AGSM IBE: China (Corporate)
  • Anx (Drama Short)
  • Nobody’s Perfect (Documentary)


  • American Airlines: Happy Thanksgiving (Corporate)
  • Kinect Road Ahead Challange (Xbox Game)
  • Hench (Comedy Short)
  • AYCC’s Best Summit Yet! (Corporate)


  • Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Documentary)
  • Epidemic (Documentary)
  • Morning Frost (Drama short)
  • In The Years Of The Plague (Drama short)
  • Only The Dead (Drama short)


  • The Interrogation (Comedy short)
  • Route 26 (Horror short)
  • Radio Treason (Drama short)
  • Call of Duty meets Real Life (YouTube)
  • Ice Dancers (YouTube)
  • Extreme Land Yachts – 40+MPH!!! (YouTube)
  • Great Keppel Island (YouTube)
  • 20″ Trials – Morgan Driessens (YouTube)
  • Puppies + Babies = CUTE!!! (YouTube)
  • What the Tricklining?! (YouTube)


  • Half A Job (Comedy short)