In 2011, David produced an album for the Queensland Conservatorium Saxophone Orchestra, which resulted in the orchestra being selected to attend the Saxophone World Congress 2012 held in Scotland. In 2012, David produced a second album for the Queensland Conservatorium Saxophone Orchestra performing Australian music by Australian composers.

As a result of leading concert recordings at the Queensland Conservatorium, David has acquired knowledge and practical skills to produce, record and engineer music for concerts, studio and live performances. He has recorded a variety of artists such as Paul Grabowsky, Elliott Dalgleish, Diana Tolmie, Yitzhak Yedid, Marcel Luxen and Bart Van Oort.

David has experience and is confident in using programs such as

              • FL Studio
              • Pro Tools
              • Sibelius
              • Cubase
              • Logic Pro

David is able to work and communicate effectively in teams and in the workplace. David has experience in managing multiple projects, often with competing deadlines and is willing to adapt, compromise and make suggestions which will result in the best possible outcome.

Having spent two years doing Aural Studies at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, David has developed acute listening skills resulting in the ability to listen critically.